After decades of abuse and neglect, elephants form new friendships at the Wildlife SOS rescue centre in India. Happy weekend with these Best Friends Forever pics!

Mac and Wally once spent hours on end chained up in a circus. Now they share secrets and snacks. Photo copyright Wildlife SOS India.

Asha’s abusive past left her blind, but thanks to her best friend Lakhi (and Lakhi’s bell), she gets around just fine. Photo copyright Wildlife SOS India.

Coco’s instinct is to protect young Peanut by standing over her. Hopefully she’ll soon understand that they are both safe now. Photo copyright Wildlife SOS India.

Animal Rights, Scandimood 2015-08-28

Pop Palet

Palet was originally designed by Michael Bang for Holmegaard in 1969 and at the time the opal glass objects added a splash of pop culture to the otherwise traditional brand. Holmegaard is now relaunching five storage jars from the original Palet collection.

Palet storage jars by Michael Bang for Holmegaard (1969) comes in orange, yellow, green, brown and blue opal glass, with white inside and a wooden lid. Photo copyright Holmegaard.

Contemporary Scandi 2015-08-28

Vanity cool

Basic with a hint of industrial; Ikorrnes mirror’s by Ola Wihlborg for Ikea stands out in the latest, 54 pages long (!) pressrelease from the Swedish megabrand. And it stands out cool!

Ikorrnes floor mirror by Ola Wihlborg for Ikea (2015). Ash veneer, size 52 x 167 cm. Photo copyright Ikea.

Ikorrnes mirror for table or wall, by Ola Wihlborg for Ikea (2015). Ash veneer, size 27 x 40 cm. Photo copyright Ikea.

Contemporary Scandi, Fab Swedes 2015-08-28

Head strong

If you’re an urbanista you might have trouble finding a chic helmet to match your outfit? Swedish brand Hövding has the solution. Their helmet is actually the world’s first airbag for cyclists. Through advanced sensors, Hövding can sense the cyclist’s movement patterns and will react in case of an accident. The unique airbag will then inflate, fixate your neck and provide shock absorption.

Hövding airbag for cyclists is a helmet in the shape of a collar. Photo copyright Hövding.

In case of an accident Hövding airbag for cyclists will inflate and fixate your neck. Photo copyright Hövding.

Contemporary Scandi, Fab Swedes, In the Season 2015-08-28

Sun power!

Do you remember the pink peonies of July? Only a month ago they ruled the small Scandi garden. But now there’s a change from sweet and rosy to…

Pion från annsofiero

…these guys! A cascade of happy yellow and orange Calendula offficinalis aka Marigold reminds me that the Summer might be over, but the sun power is not. Now is the time to visit Rosendal’s Garden and bring back an armful of organic grown flowers. Photos from the internet.

Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Friends, In the Season, Scandimood 2015-08-26

No Plastic VIII: Single use plastic

In this video you can watch how marine researchers pull out a plastic straw from the nose of a young sea turtle. Probably the turtle had eaten the straw, and it got stuck in his nose when he tried to throw it up.
It is estimated that every single day over 500,000 plastic straws ends up in the oceans. And one plastic straw, bag, or bottle could mean the difference between life or death for marine animals.

Video copyright Christine Figgener. If you like to support the GoFundMe campaign to develop first-aid kits for sea turtles, take a look here.

No Plastic 2015-08-20

Mini Mogensen!

Danish manufacturer Fredericia and Japanese miniature artist Norimitsu Takahashi has collaborated on a collection of miniature chairs to be launched this Fall. Among the first immaculate beauties is a mini version of J39, the famous chair created by Börge Mogensen in 1947.

Mogensen goes mini; J39 miniature chair by Norimitsu Takahashi for Fredericia. Oak and paper cord. Photo copyright Fredericia.

Börge Mogensen, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly 2015-08-19

Grain and Ambit

Muuto has launched a series of minimalistic pendants by Swedish designer Jens Fager and Stockholm based TAF Architects.

Grain pendant by Jens Fager for Muuto (2015). Bamboo fibres and polypropylene. Rubber cord. Available in black, grey, dusty red, nature, white and dusty green. Photo copyright Muuto.

Ambit pendant by TAF architects for Muuto (2015). Press spun, polished aluminum, painted by hand. Rubber cord. Available in dusty green, black, grey, rose and white. Photo copyright Muuto.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Muuto, TAF 2015-08-19

You Say Light I Think Shadow

What is light? To seek an answer to this simple but complex question, graphic designer Sandra Praun and artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic invited 109 prominent and inspiring creatives to share their thoughts on the phenomenon. All texts are individually designed and when experienced together they form a highly visual and artistic statement.


You Say Light – I Think Shadow, book by Sandra Praun and Aleksandra Stratimirovic (ed.) with graphic design by Sandra Praun. Art and Theory Publishing (2015).

Aleksandra Stratimirovic and Sandra Praun. Photo copyright Elisabeth Toll.

Snöhetta photo copyright Robin Hayes
Among the contributors we find Norwegian architect studio Snöhetta. Photo copyright Robin Hayes.

And the ever so interesting Swedish glass designer Yoko Yamano. Photo copyright Robin Hayes.


Book Cradle, Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Fab Swedes 2015-08-19

Bike fantastic!

Swedish brand Bookman has launched a usb rechargeable version of their stylish, pocket-sized and detachable bike-light. Its large button on the upper side makes the light easy to turn on and off. And adds something interesting to the basic design!

The new USB Light (2015) from Bookman is brighter than their previous model and fitted with a micro USB port for recharging the battery. Photo copyright Bookman.

USB Light White from Bookman. Photo copyright Bookman.

USB Light from Bookman fits all bicycles and is quick and easy to attach to the handlebar or saddle pole with an elastic rubber band. Photo copyright Bookman.

Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes, In the Season 2015-08-13

Happy minimalism

A minimalistic approach is common in contemporary Scandi design and architecture. It is a friendly, life-embracing minimalism. We’ve got gifted architects/designers like Claesson, Koivisto, Rune and glass designers like Carina Seth Andersson and Ingegerd Råman. And ceramic artists like Anna Lerinder! This week I enjoy design collective Happy Sthlm and the XL version of their cuttingboard/tray Drop. And, their fine glass bowls and vases!

Drop cutting board/tray by Happy Sthlm (2015), beech plywood, made in Sweden. Photo copyright Happy Sthlm.

Skärmavbild 2015-08-09 kl. 16.04.44
Marja glass bowl/vase, by Happy Sthlm. Hand blown by Skruf. Photo copyright Happy Sthlm Insta @happysthlmdesign

Skärmavbild 2015-08-09 kl. 16.06.30
Silo glass vase by Happy Sthlm (2015). Hand blown by Skruf. Poster by Camilla Engman. Photo copyright Happy Sthlm Insta @happysthlmdesign

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Friends, Happy Sthlm 2015-08-10

Into the light

As Fall is approaching and the evenings get darker we turn to the small, cosy lamps again. Norwegian brand Northern Lighting has updated their collection and also published a new catalogue with pics by Kristofer Johnsson, Colin Eick and other gifted interior/design photographers. Several pictures are styled by Kråkvik & D’orazio. Content by Bradley Quinn.

Say My Name table lamp by Morten & Jonas (2015) for Northern Lighting. Mouth blown (venetian) glass, steel. Photo copyright Kristofer Johnsson.

Birdy table lamp by Birger Dahl (1952), from Northern Lighting. Steel and aluminium. Photo copyright Kristofer Johnsson.

Birdy wall lamp by Birger Dahl (1952), from Northern Lighting. Steel and aluminum. Photo copyright Colin Eick.

Contemporary Scandi 2015-08-07