No Plastic V: the App detective

While looking deeper into the content of every plastic item in my home and studio I took a turn with the bathroom shelf. Any micro beads around? Invisible to the eye as they are… To my use I’v got an app from App Store named ”Warning:Plastics Inside!”. It is not the ultimate solution, as the main bulk of beauty and body care products are not yet listed. But a brief scanning of barcodes confirmed that my toothpaste and shampoo does NOT contain micro plastic beads. Nor does the hand creme, soap or bath foam. You can get a similar app from
Let’s start scanning!


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The Uni Hanger

I was pleased to see one of my favourite hangers styled in an interior pic (see post below, e15 and the Chipperfield collection). The FK08 UNI coat rack by modernist architect Ferdinand Kramer (1898–1995) was designed in 1954 as part of a series of products for the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt. e15 has re-launched the hanger and produces it in a contemporary range of colours, in nicely powder-coated steel. Notice how Kramer made all mounting invisible! Uni comes with 3 or 6 hooks and has been on my wish list for a long time. Perhaps now is the moment to indulge in this basic yet stylish hanger!


Uni coat rack by Ferdinand Kramer 1954, now in production by e15. Photo copyright e15.

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Marni Mercado de Paloquemao

During the Milano Design Week 2015 Marni turned their showroom into a colourful fruit market. On display was a limited edition of baskets and chairs, all handmade in Colombia by a group of local women who have found independence and emancipation through their work.

Photo copyright Marni.

Photo copyright Marni.

Compassionates 2015-04-19

Good Design

A favourite this year in Milano: Good Design – The Natural Circle, an exhibition at Cascina Cuccagna. Open until May 3rd, 2015.
The stylish Salinas eco-kitchen by Patricia Urquiola for Boffi actually started to grow plants! Seletti showcased their poetic Woodland screens by Alessandra Baldereschi. And Liu Hsuan Tzu visited with his wonder world MOLD – the art of papiér maché turned everyday, just as I like it. And much more in the relaxed, handsome style of Cascina Cultural Center.

Skärmavbild 2015-04-19 kl. 13.10.35
Salinas Kitchen by Patricia Urquiola for Boffi (2014). Winner of EDIDA best kitchen 2015. Photo copyright Good Design.

Woodland by Seletti
Woodland screens by Alessandra Baldereschi for Selletti. Photo copyright Good Design.

MOLD – objects in papiér maché by Liu Hsuan Tzu.
…the glass plates the artist used as forms…
Close up of MOLD by Liu Hsuan Tzu. Photo copyright Liu Hsuan Tzu.

Good Design 15
…it was a lot of growing power around in Cascina Cuccagna…

Skärmavbild 2015-04-19 kl. 13.09.48
…and architectonic turned poetry…

Skärmavbild 2015-04-19 kl. 13.10.17
…and in the garden it was summer!

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…and Milano is ON

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the international Furniture Fair in Milano, is up and running. It is an opportunity to meet with producers, designers, colleagues and friends. But with app. 300 000 visitors it is no longer my prio no 1. Because I love details. And it is difficult to notice the detail when in a crowd…
The Scandi brands are well represented this year; at the Fair and in-town at different venues. What the best Scandi companies have in common is a dedication to design without giving up on sustainability. What you get from Artek, Bolon, Carl Hansen & Son, Hästens, Iittala, Ikea, Kasthall, Marimekko, Montana, Offecct, Woodnotes and several other producers is responsibility for what, how and where they produce. That’s good. But it can be better: let’s see sustainability embrace the whole life cycle of the product. From design process to recycling!

Kali chair (detail) by Jasper Morrison for Swedish Offecct (2015). Kali is part of Offecct’s collaboration with ECONEF, a non-profit organization who works for children and aid workers in northern Tanzania.

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Studio Snowpuppe

Studio Snowpuppe are known for their lampshades in folded paper. I’v got a creamy white Chestnut in my studio, where it hangs over a huge 1970s Superelips oak table by Bruno Mathsson and Piet Hein. The majestic table and the small, sweet lamp looks great together!

Skärmavbild 2014-07-30 kl. 14.43.26
Chestnut lamp by Studio Snowpuppe, folded by hand out of 1 piece of special FSC paper Butterfly. Height 18 cm, diameter 28 cm. Photo copyright Studio Snowpuppe.

New for 2015 is the Chestnut Birch Wood lamp. Handmade by Studio Snowpuppe in birch wood veneer and paper. Height 30 cm, diameter 47 cm. Photo copyright Studio Snowpuppe.

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Getting closer!

During a few precious weeks in April you’ll find Kungsängslilja in the flower shops of Stockholm. I bring some home, and the small fragile flowers adds a sweet loveliness to the room. The early spring weather is still cold and unpredictable, but soon the flower will step outdoors to enjoy her summer in the garden.

Lily of the Kings Meadow (Fritillaria meleagris) or ”Kungsängslilja” in Swedish, is the official flower of the Swedish province Uppland, located a short distance north of Stockholm, where it grows wild at the meadows in village Kungsängen (the Kings meadow).

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Mrs Beige?

This Spring there’s lot of sand and camel in the Scandi style. Some brands goes as plain as possible, which is actually a clever shortcut to elegance. Like the classic Marimekko bag in such a dry colour it’s form and details are almost invisible. But imagine it with crispy white! Or immaculate black…Other Scandi brands adds a little touch of yellow to the laid-back and natural…The result is a stylish camel.
And Mrs Beige? Well, that’s the kind of in between colour I prefer as my basic colour this season.

Olkalaukku Urbaani Sand is the 2015 version of the iconic messenger bag from Marimekko, originally designed by Ristomatti Ratia in 1971. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Stockholm Raincoat Sand from Stutterheim 2015. Photo copyright Stutterheim.

Cross Blanket Camel, by Pia Wallén in 100% organic cotton. Limited edition 2015. Photo copyright Pia Wallén.

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Sinnerlig is a collection by Ilse Crawford/Studioilse for Ikea. Around 30 items (furniture, lightning and tableware) will be launched in August 2015. I’v had the opportunity to work with some of the items, in real settings. The huge glass jar with (a similarly huge) cork lid, the finely shaped glass bottle and the black ceramic bowls with their tactile qualities became favourites, soon enough!

Skärmavbild 2015-04-03 kl. 17.57.22

From Sinnerlig collection by Ilse Crawford/Studio Ilse for Ikea 2015. Photo copyright Studio Ilse.

Fab Swedes, Ilse Crawford 2015-04-06

Who laid your Easter egg?

During the Easter holiday Swede’s consume 60 million eggs. This astonishing amount of eggs are laid by young hens, some barely alive, crammed into cages, suffering in a way most people cannot even imagine.
Let the battery hen become history as soon as possible! You can help by reducing your use of eggs, and never ever buy eggs from battery production.

Battery hens in Sweden in 2014. Photo copyright Djurrättsalliansen.

And while misery is continuing at the 120 ”farms” still running in Sweden there’re people making an effort to save the traditional breeds of hens. Svenska Lanthönsklubben (Swedish Society of old native poultry) is an independent organization with the main purpose to preserve the old Swedish native poultry stocks of geese, ducks and hens. Here’s some of the hens, out and about…as they should be able to:
Swedish Bjurholms hen, photo copyright Monica Sandelin/SLK.

Swedish Hedemora hen, photo copyright Maria Eriksson/SLK.

Swedish Orust hen, photo copyright Sandra Josefsson/SLK.

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The Three Graces

It´s been a hard weeks worth. Shooting ”upcoming furniture and textiles” outdoors, in windy rain, and a bit of snow… And then on one perfectly sunny day, we found ourselves indoors in a cosy Scandi kitchen (watch out for the September issue of Lantliv SE!) doing what we’re good at: pretending. Editorial pieces are often made months ahead of the actual publishing. It takes a gifted interior photographer to create an ”Autumn feel” in April. For this piece I collaborated with Anna Kern.
During our somewhat surrealistic efforts we met with ceramic artist Calle Forsberg, who lives and sit by the clay, in Stockholm. We had the opportunity to work with his handcrafted ceramic pitchers.

Pitcher, handcrafted by ceramic artist Calle Forsberg. Photo copyright Calle Forsberg.

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