Tools extended

When Iittala lauched Tools cookware range in 1998, the response was an immense hype in media at the time. Designer Björn Dahlström was praised for the classic Scandi look, producer Iittala for the high quality. I have used the owen pan, sauteuses and casseroles for 17 years, and they´re still in very good condition. Perhaps not as shiny and bright as they once were, but still handsome. And the functionality is the same. ”We need to come away from trends and throw away consumerism,” Björn Dahlström reflects. And stresses the importance of making products with a long lifespan. In August 2015 Iittala is adding a selection of frying pans to the collection.


Skärmavbild 2015-05-23 kl. 12.42.21
Tools cookware by Björn Dahlström for Iittala. Photo copyright Iittala.

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The scent of Lilacs…

Every second day we’ve got sun and every second day it is pouring down…But this is good news: the dry grounds need water and with the sun every tree and plant start growing. Right now you can follow, hour by hour, how Stockholm transforms from grayish cool to an amazingly green city. With beautiful views and water wherever you look. Soon, very soon I’ll be sitting under the lilacs, enjoying their scent which signals summer has arrived!

The 230 Rattan Chair is handmade in Stockholm Old Town by Larsson Korgmakare. Crux Blanket (1991) by Pia Wallén. From a piece for Lantliv by Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Johan Sellén.

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Madonna chair

Solid beech but light-weight: Madonna chair by David Ericsson for Gärsnäs (2015) is inspired partly by the Italian Chiavari chair and partly by the traditional Swedish Step stool. With Madonna chair David Ericsson has brought stability and fragility into perfect harmony.

Madonna Chair by David Ericsson for Gärsnäs comes in solid beech, with or without armrests. Back and seat in moulded beech veneer. Photo copyright Gärsnäs/Lennart Durehed.

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Ceramic artist Anna Lerinder make everyday objects with amazing skill and artistry. The quality of her work reveals itself when you start handling and using the cups, teapots, bowls and pitchers. You’ll feel it in your hands and in your mind.
Today 16th of May you can visit Anna Lerinder at the Open Studio Day at Gustavsbergs’s old porcelain factory in Stockholm. And if you´re in Japan in June, don´t miss out Anna Lerinder, Jonas Lindholm, Carina Seth Andersson at Curators Cube in Tokyo.





Work by Anna Lerinder. All photos copyright Patric Johansson.

And here’s some pics from the studio:
Hantverkarateljeerna i Gustavsberg gm Anna Lerinder

Objekt på väg till bränning Anna Lerinder

Hos Anna Lerinder atelje
All photos copyright Anna Lerinder.

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Bye bye Air France

One of my favorite airlines has been Air France. But when I learned my AF ticket is also supporting the abuse of monkeys, who are shipped to laboratories across the country, where they will be tortured and killed in cruel and pointless experiments…I have to stop travelling with Air France. Hope you do the same until they take a stand against animal abuse.
Do not watch the video if sensitive. It is bad.

Photo copyright Jo-Anne Mc Arthur/We Animals.

Air Cruelty in 60 seconds. Video copyright PETA.

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Walking the stairs of Scarpa

Whenever I start climbing or descending a staircase designed by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa I automatically slow down… I want to linger in the moment. To touch the materials. To meditate over the perfection of form. How often do you walk up the stairs and immediately feel a need to try it again? You can actually experience the essence of movement when climbing Scarpa stairs!
Sometimes architecture make the everyday magic.

Gallerie del.’Accademia, Venice.

Carlo Scarpa 1956.

Olivetti showroom, Venice.

Castelvecchio Museum, Verona.

Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice.

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Moving outdoors

It’s time to move outdoors again! And eager as we are to catch some sunlight after the long winter season, we stockholmers take every chance to bring a chair outdoors. You actually see people at every possible and impossible sun-spot. Enjoying themselves with a ”fika” = strong coffee and a cinnamon bun.


Chair Tio by Massproduction, candlelight holder Skugga by Alexander Lervik for Gallery Pascale. From a piece by Cia Wedin for Lantliv SE. Photo copyright Anna Kern.

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Pilaster shelf

The Pilaster shelf by John Kandell (1925–1991) is perfect for storing books, shoes, favourite things…And this with a surprising economy of space. Its simplicity is legendary, yet it is a functional, playful and well-balanced piece of furniture.

Pilaster shelf and a beloved collection of book on food & cooking. From a piece by Cia Wedin for ELLE Decoration. Photo copyright Anna Kern.

Sofia's hem Katrineholm
Pilaster as an ever changing stilleben; both bookshelf and bedside table. From a piece by Cia Wedin for ELLE Decoration. Photo copyright Johan Sellén.

Pilaster shelf by John Kandell (1989) is produced by Källemo and comes in solid birch (natural or stained in colour) and in natural solid oak. Pilaster fulfils the requirements for the eco label Svanen.

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Movie Night

Click on ”Videos” in the list on the right, and you’ll get one special movie…hour! Right from Stockholm and Scandimood. Baby says her favourite band MCB and their video Let My Love Dance gets 12 points. Hera though, is very VERY fond of the soundtrack of Rescue of Cholita the bear.
What’s your favourite?! I’ll go for ”Mr Fiskars” – Olavi Lidén, originally published in 2013:

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La Biennale de Venezia

The Art Biennale in Venice, Italy is now open! This year Norway is the sole commissioner of the famous Nordic Pavilion in the Giardini. American born, Oslo based artist Camille Norment fills the beautiful space of the Pavilion with her work multi-sensory work of art and music.

Camille Norment: Rapture
The Nordic Pavilion
9 May – 22 November 2015

Two years ago I presented the Nordic Pavilion and its architect Sverre Fehn. Being one of the most popular Scandimood posts so far, I’d like to share the pics and video with you again:

Nordiska Paviljongen

Photo Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet.

The Nordic Pavilion at the Biennale in Venice was created in 1962 by Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn (1924–2009). It consists of a single hall of 400 sqm, open on two sides. Huge trees grow through the roof, wich is made of overlapping layers of conrete beams.

Here’s another fine building by Sverre Fehn

The new Swedish Pavilion at Arsenale will host work by Lina Selander, one of Sweden’s most innovative moving image artists. The Pavillion is built by Moderna Museet.

Lina Selander: The Offspring Resembles the Parent, 2015. HD Video, colour, mute and sound. 12:00 min. With Oscar Mangione. Photo copyright Lina Selander.

Lina Selander: Excavation of the image – Imprint, shadow, spectra, thought.
The Swedish Pavillion at Arsenale
9 April – 22 November 2015

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