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What’s up 2017? High quality materials. Well designed basic products. Some simplistic patterns and some cascades of colour… It’s Scandi business as usual! But the Spring/Summer 17 collections also stress  ”sustainability”, in one way or the other. Marimekko is no exception. With production brought back to Finland and gifted creative director Anna Teurell the Finnish brand is taking another step towards an updated life-style attitude.


New graphic patterns by Carina Seth Andersson for Marimekko (2017). Here as table cloth and applied to Oiva porcelain (designed by Sami Ruotsalainen). Photo copyright Marimekko.

cw7fepzw8aaqwsjTextile pattern by fab illustrator Liselotte Watkins for Marimekko Summer 2017. Photo copyright Marimekko.


Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Marimekko 2016-12-02

Charlotte Gyllenhammar Natt/Night

If in Stockholm don’t miss out the exhibition Natt by Charlotte Gyllenhammar at Fotografiska. In 1993 Gyllenhammar hung an oak (yes, a full grown very old oak tree) upside down above a busy shopping street in Stockholm city to empazise the importance to see and remember. And not forget or deny whatever history you’ve got. Walking under the oak was a strong experience (read more under the link ”Charlotte Gyllenhammar” to the right of this page.) The hanging, floating woman is another, perhaps even more intimate and challenging.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar
25 November – 5 March, 2017 at Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden.

Whiz installation with hanging woman by Charlotte Gyllenhammar (2016). Photo copyright Charlotte Gyllenhammar.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar – Natt inspirerar from Fotografiska on Vimeo.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Fab Swedes 2016-11-29

Eco laptop? Someone?

Stylish, environmental friendly and very functional. Just as I like it! The Pia Wallén laptop case in felted eco wool and a metal button closure is nothing but…perfect. And the colours…from classy off-white to chocking pink. Nice! But when will we see the first 100 % environmental friendly MacBook Pro?!


Computer Case by Pia Wallén. 100% felted wool, metal button closure. Size 37 x 26 cm. Photo copyright Pia Wallén.

Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, In the Season, Pia Wallén, Scandimood 2016-11-28

Index yourself!

A nice surprise or your worst nightmare…Check out your actual carbon footprint with The Climate Account online calculator. The Climate Account has been developed by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and is free for anyone to use as a help to detect how your lifestyle affects climate change.


Fresh and Fading Memories, hanging sculpture installation by one of my favourite artists Ghanaian born El Anatsui at Palazzo Fortuny in Venice (2007). Aluminium wrappings and bottle-caps. Photo copyright Palazzo Fortuny.

Compassionates, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Scandimood 2016-11-22

Labour of Love

Inspired by natures delicate qualities: the ever-changing light,  smooth pebblestones washed up by the sea, dandelion spores drifting in the air… Silversmith Helena Emmans lives and creates her beautiful silver spoons at the likewise beautiful Isle of Skye. Her spoons are intended for light use such as ”for tea leaves or sugar”. Or just as a decorative sculptural handcrafted object. Notice the small oxidized details! How astonishingly lovely.


Silver spoons by Helena Emmans. Sizes app. 5×17 cm, all handcrafted in hallmarked sterling silver. Photo copyright Helena Emmans.

Silversmith Helena Emmans at work in her studio at Isle of Skye.  Photo copyright Nassima Rothacker.

Silversmith Helena Emmans lives and creates her silver work at Isle of Skye, the most northerly major island in the inner Hebrides of Scotland.  Photo copyright Nassima Rothacker.

Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics 2016-11-21

Silver magic

We’re heading towards Christmas and this year there’s a strong international trend with silver shades instead of the ”traditional” brass colouring. The magic of silver inspire many a Scandi brand to create beautiful objects; Skultuna, founded in 1607 (!) by King Karl IX of Sweden as a brass foundry has recently launched a ”silver line”. Elegant and easy to fit into any style, not only the Contemporary Scandi!


Boule vase silver by Olivia Herms for Skultuna (2016). The perfect sphere containing the water opens up to a collar that holds the flowers. With or without flowers Boule captures the magic of silver turning it into young and contemporary. Silver plated brass H: 21 cm. Photo copyright Skultuna.

7London collection silver by Lara Bohinc for Skultuna 2016. Candle holder in etched silver with cup in brass, from H:7 cm. Photo copyright Skultuna.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes 2016-11-20


My new book Mönsterträdgård (Garden of Patterns), on Swedish textile designer Maria Åström (Scandi Edition 2016), is now available at bookstores, designshops and museumshops in Sweden. Online at Konstig art book store.

Maria Åström, born in 1948, is one of Sweden’s most distinguished textile designers. For several years I’v been following Maria Åström in her creative work and it’s been a journey of curiosity, kind and cool. Hope you like it!

Mönsterträdgård is photographed by Anna Kern and the graphic design is by Anna Larsson.


About a month ago MT went to our printer, Göteborgstryckeriet, in Gothenburg and sheets of beauty started to pile up before our astonished eyes.  Roses and tulips, chestnut and oak…Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.


Still some hours to go until all 160 pages of Mönsterträdgård are printed…Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.


Graphic designer Anna Larsson checks out the MT dummy. Good…or fab!? Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.


Lara waited for the real thing: Mönsterträdgård fresh from the bookbinder. Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.



Then MT travelled to Stockholm where our studio boss Baby tried its tactile qualities. Feels good to the paw, Baby says. Photo copyright @scandi_edition.


”Pink chamber”, interior pic from Mönsterträdgård, book by Cia Wedin for Scandi Edition (2016). Photo copyright Scandi Edition/Anna Kern.


Maria Åström in her studio in Skåne. From book Mönsterträdgård by Cia Wedin (Scandi Edition 2016).  Photo copyright Scandi Edition/Anna Kern.




Anna Kern, Anna Larsson, Book Cradle, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Friends, Maria Åström, Scandimood 2016-11-02

Take the pledge: NO PLASTIC

There´s an urgent need to change global consumption habits and set a new standard for the use and production of plastic. To reduce, reuse and recycle is a good start. Read more under ”No Plastic” in the link to the right of this page. Plastic has become a global threat to humans and wildlife alike. In Ghana, West Africa, where I lived as a teenager, the beaches are covered by plastic waste dumped in the sea. In Stockholm we have the opportunity to recycle plastic containers but nevertheless huge amounts of plastic waste ends up in nature.


This squirrel with head stuck in a plastic container was spotted in Stockholm recently. Photo copyright Filippa von Egidy.


A beach in Ghana fouled by plastic waste. Photo copyright EPA.

No Plastic, Scandimood 2016-10-29


Oh you fab readers of Scandimood: I am amazed to see how a small blog on Scandinavian style attract readers from all over the globe! Today I say Hello Sulaymaniyah (Iraq), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Temirtau (Kazakhstan), Kigali (Rwanda) and Gaborone (Botswana)!


Scandimood 2016-10-27

Walk on the wild side

Winter is around the corner and the bright, bursting colours of Fall slowly fades into soft shades of brown, green, grey, purple and blue…NOW is the time for earth colours! For a week or two it is still possible to walk in the beautiful Swedish mountains and experience this fascinating process.  If you’re very lucky you might see an Arctic Fox! This fine little animal is on the red-list of endangered species in Sweden. But efforts are made to protect and save the Arctic Fox.


Arctic Fox at Klimpfjäll in the north of Sweden. Photo copyright Michael Eldborn.


The Arctic Fox was given protected status in Sweden 1928, and Norway 1930, but until then it was hunted large-scale. Since the 1990s efforts have been made to protect the fox and its habitat. In the project Felles Fjellrev Sweden and Norway collaborates, with the aim to help the Arctic Fox survive. Photo copyright Michael Eldborn.

Stalo Adventures is the main protector and guide of Arctic Fox in South Lapland. Video copyright Stalo Adventures.


Kånken Mini from Fjällräven is a classic for children. It was created in 1978 to help prevent back problems that were emerging among Swedish school children. For almost 40 years it’s been the no 1 choice for generations of Swedish kids. In 2008 Kånken was the first backpack in the world to become climate compensated. Photo copyright Fjällräven. Kånken Mini comes in 40 colours!



Right now there’s a campaign to save the Arctic Fox and Fjällräven participates with three special models of Kånken Mini. For each sold backpack Fjällräven give €10 to the campaign. ”Fjällräven” is the Swedish word for ”Arctic Fox”.

Animal Rights, Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, In the Season, Scandimood 2016-10-25

Solid Scandi

Solid materials like wood and steel has a long history with the Scandinavian style. Swedish TAF architects have interpreted the history and function of steel vs furniture and the result is Brut, a side table where ideas comes forth in subtle and well defined detail. Despite its flimsy appearance and proportions Brut is rock solid.

Brut Table by TAF for Skagerak (2016). Steel, brass. Size 60x48x47 cm. Photo copyright Skagerak.

The components of table Brut by TAF for Skagerak (2016). Photo copyright TAF.

Swedish Designduo TAF; Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom. Photo copyright TAF.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, TAF 2016-10-16

The adorable vessel

A vessel of dignity is both beautiful to beheld and functional. Swedish designer Carina Seth Andersson has created Pallo Junior, a new member of her ”Pallo family”  for Skruf. In her ceramic and glass studio in Gustafsberg, close to Stockholm, Carina Seth Andersson creates minimalistic yet perfectly functional everyday objects.


Great Burnet (Sw: Pimpinell!) and Hop looks fab in Pallo Junior, vase by Carina Seth Andersson for Skruf (2016). Photo copyright @carinasethandersson


If in Stockholm, don’t miss out Plock, glass objects by Carina Seth Andersson, October 8  – October 26 at Konsthantverkarna. Photo copyright @carinasethandersson

Carina Seth Andersson, Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Scandimood 2016-10-02