Summer dwellings

Swedes loves their summer dwellings! It must be small and close to nature but the style differ. Some prefer the traditional red wooden house with its glass porch and ”English garden”. Others travel to the Italian alps to live a simple life on a hill high above an ancient village. And for several of us the dream house is modernistic, like the houses we wrote about last summer in Scandimood issue no 2/2013 (see link at ”Previous issues” to the right of this page).
Enjoy a lovely traditional, a serene rustic and a beautiful modernistic.. All captured by photographer Patric Johansson in his book Arkitektens Fritidshus (”The Architects summerhouse”).

aaro 006


friberg 01


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When in need of something cool…

It is warm in Stockholm. Very warm. And as much as we like it, and enjoy every moment of sunshine…it is nice to step down into the beautiful Stockholm Underground and admire some cool art! This ceramic wall you’ll find in T-centralen, built in 1958.

T-centralen Stockholm Underground

Architectual moves, Fab Swedes 2014-07-15

For the little ones!


Chair by Hee Welling for Hay, blanket from Elvang, table by Paola Navone for Gervasoni, wooden bowls by Hanna Hällams, deer by Gunnar Johnson for E. Torndahl, lamp by Mattias Ståhlbom for Muuto, Mose babybasket by Heirloom, bed set from Simple World, carpet by Pia Wallén for Asplund Collection, sheep from Plan ett, rabbits from Krabat, mobile private, wallpaint Kashmir from Alcro ad collection by Li Edelkoort, walldecoration by Edholm Ullenius, floor Siljan Romance from Siljan Wood Products. Styling by Cia Wedin, photo by Anna Kern.

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What to do with a piece of clay

Swedish ceramic artists take the Scandinavian tradition of art and handicraft well into the future. Being strong and delicate at the same time, the work of artists like Mia E Göransson and Gustaf Nordenskiöld challenges the conventional view of what you can do with a piece of clay. This summer we enjoy Mia E Göransson at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm, Sweden. And Gustaf Nordenskiöld at the Biennale in Vallauris, France.

Mia E Göransson
Attention: Craft
26 June – 7 September 2014
Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm

Mia E Göransson photo Mattias Lindbäck
Photo by Mattias Lindbäck.

Mia E Göransson photo by Mattias Lindbäck
Photo by Mattias Lindbäck.

Gustaf Nordenskiöld
XXIII Biennale Internationale de Vallauris
5 July – 17 November 2014

biennale vallauris gustaf

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Tiki sofa by Andreas Engesvik

Several of you readers (dear readers!) have asked for our opinion on the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014. It took place in February and with some months into the Season, we think the new and fresh approach on sofas might be the most interesting news.
There’s a lot of sofas with legs… The lounge versions from last year seems gone. Tiny legs, thick legs, wood, steel…. Legs definitely makes a strong trend. A very nice and comfy sofa is Tiki by Norwegian top-designer Andreas Engesvik for Fogia. It’s got a 1960s vibe yet it is very contemporary. And we adore Andreas Engesvik skilled work with design vs materials.
– Tiki´s character is tied to the sofa’s top line and silhouette. The line gives a hint of something soft, tailored, which can be shaped and reshaped over time, says Andreas Engesvik.
Tiki´s identity lies in this line and the slim and visually lightweight construction.
– The basic idea of Tiki is related to a fundamental idea in the Scandinavian design tradition – that you immediately should understand why something is designed and constructed in a certain way.

Tiki sofa by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia. Dimensions: Length 233 cm. Height 70 cm. Depth 88 cm. Seating height 38 cm.

Andreas Engesvik also designed this marvellous little Sol stool for LK Hjelle.
Andreas Engesvik stool for LK Hjelle 2014

Contemporary Scandi, Friends 2014-06-27

Comfort Green by Luce Plan

Green is the new comfort zone. Let it be an ecological approach, a celebration of delicious veggie food, nature by association. Or merely the colour of choice!


Costanza lamp by Paolo Rizzatto for Luce Plan 1986 has got a tremendeous amount of style, but once in a while the classic model with its stand in aluminium and white lamp shade can feel a bit too cold for a Scandi interior. We like how the Mezzo Ono Collection 2014 brings about a softness in Costanza. Comfort Green? Yes please!

Eco Aesthetics 2014-06-22