Karin Berglund knows everything essential about gardening and flowers. She is also a gifted photographer and her portraits of flowers let us experience beauty in a poetic yet realistic way.
Withering Anemone (Sv Vissnande Anemon), photographic gum print by Karin Berglund. Photo copyright Karin Berglund.

Journalist and gardener Karin Berglund.

Books by Karin Berglund, graphic design by Anna Larsson. Photo copyright Anna Larsson.

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Stool 60

I’v got a bunch of stools by Alvar Aalto. At home, and in the office. Used as stools or as a small side table this small iconic piece of furniture is just perfect. Add to its functionalism that it is stackable. It is also very durable; some of my stools has been in use for more than 20 years and they are still in perfect condition.
Enjoy Alvar Aalto at his best!

Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto for Artek (1933). Poster. Photo copyright Artek.

My choice: the aalto stool in birch aux naturel with top in white laminate. Photo copyright Artek.

A young Alvar Aalto…

03_Aalto_Second Nature_Portrait
…and a somewhat older sailor of fame.

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You´re not alone

Dear Reader! You’re visiting Scandimood, and you’re in from almost 2000 locations in 212 countries world wide! Several of you visit every day. And some of you take a look once in a while. I find it amazing that you’re following my blog. Thank you!
I also like to thank you for your kind e-mails and great support. As you might have noticed, I try to answer your questions by writing a post on the subject you’re curious about.
It seems we’re united in an appreciation of the Scandinavian style including Environmental issues, Gender awareness, Animal welfare, Art, Music and everything in between that makes a beautiful habitat and a good living.
It is all about Love and Compassion! Let’s keep it up in style!

My read for today: Save Twilight – Selected Poems by Julio Cortázar. Translated from Spanish into English by Stephen Kessler. On the cover: Julio Cortázar with his cat TW Adorno.

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Light business!

Today a total solar eclipse will occur in Sweden. During midmorning the Moon locks out the sunlight, turning day into darkness. But today is also the very day when we Swedes celbrate Spring Equinox. The light will definitely be back in business, and from now on Nature starts to wake up!

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). Photo copyright Birgitta Bratthall.

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My vintage green Savoy vase by Alvar Aalto is now filled with the last crispy tulips of the season! How bittersweet to know that within a week the lovely flowers will be gone…But Savoy will remain on the window sill. Beautiful as it is, with or without flowers.

Savoy vase by Alvar Aalto for Karhula (1936). Photo copyright Jacksons.

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Nanna Ditzel (1923–2005) became the first female designer from the Danish school of design to get an international breakthrough. Ditzels playful approach to design appealed to the audience. Trissen table and stool is made of massive wood which makes it very stabile. The childrens ”Toadstool” was launched in 1962, the barstool and table in 1963.

Trissen table
Trissen table by Nanna Ditzel was originally produced in oregon pine by Kolds Savaerk, Kerteminde. Now available at Snedkergaarden in light beech, oak, ash and 11 colours. Photo copyright By Nord.


Cool designer Nanna Ditzel posing on top of Trissen. Photo copyright Snedkergaarden.

Among Nanna Ditzels designs in continuous production are jewellery for Georg Jensen, textiles for Kvadrat (she’s the designer of Hallingdal 65) and furniture for Fredericia Furniture, Snedkergaarden, Getama, OneCollection, SikaDesign and others. In 2014 the Basket chair from 1950, was relaunched by Spanish Kettal in oak and natural rattan.
Basket chair by Nanna Ditzel. Photo copyright Kettal.

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No Plastic IV: Ghost fishing gear

My challenge for February was to reduce my use of micro plastics at home. It’s done. Zero. To get information about micro plastics in products one often have to contact the producer directly. That’ll be my challenge for March and April: to find hardcore facts about the plastic products I use at home, and at work.
One aspect of the global problem with micro plastics lays in ghost fishing gear. Most part of the plastics used to make fishing gear are very durable; some are expected to last in our seas for up to 600 years! Plastic fishing gear and other debris in the oceans slowly break down to become micro plastics.
WSPA are hosting the Global Ghost Gear Initiative which is a powerful alliance of governments, industry, IGOs and NGOs that will save millions of marine animals and create safer, cleaner oceans. For people as well as wildlife.

Sea Change: Tackling Ghost Nets outlines the Global Ghost Gear Initiative premise and showcases a handful of ghost gear reduction and removal projects being implemented, at the local level, globally.

Turtle trapped in ghost fishing gear
Young hawksbill turtle (deceased) entangled in ghost net, Andaman Sea, Thailand. Photo copyright Georgette Douwma/

Seal trapped in ghost fishing gear
Female grey seal entangled in a ghost net, Devon, UK. Photo copyright Alex Mustard/

Whale trapped in ghost fishing gear
Juvenile gray whale entangled in ghost gear in North Pasific Ocean. Photo copyright Brandon Cole/

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When Spring breaks through

Working on the outskirts of Stockholm Archepelago is a magic business! In March it is still cold and windy, but how good it feels to take a break in the sunshine with a cup of strong coffee, enjoying the view. Especially in the company of photographer Stellan Herner and stylist assistant Sanna Mattsson!
When you visit the Archepelago during early Spring you’ll experience a precious stillness. The only sound to be heard is the brisk movement of water, an equally brisk wind and…the soft mating cries of seabirds.

2015-03-12 09.56.12
Photo copyright Sanna Mattsson.

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Mirror mirror…

Hitch Mirror by Grain for HEM is a new take on reflection…I like the carefully molded shape and the use the designer’s make of the thick rope, which is a reference to their commitment to merging modern manufacturing practices with traditional handicraft techniques. Hitch Mirror is 79 x 41 cm (with rope attached).

Skärmavbild 2015-03-10 kl. 08.13.47
Hitch Mirror by Grain for HEM (2014). Photo copyright HEM.

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Make It Happen!

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future:
Celebrate women’s achievements!
Call for greater equality!

All over the world girls and boys are brought up in a power structure ruled by patriarchal norms. The International Women’s Day is a reminder that a change of perspective is urgent. Let’s take action now!

In her video Oblivion from 2012 Grimes make us see past gender norms. What do you see?

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