Flower Power

Armadillo’s new hemp rugs are a delight for the floor and the eye! Handvowen, fair trade, environmental friendly…and flirting with the 70s. What could possibly be more contemporary! I especially like the size; with a diameter 180 cm, the rug stays in place.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-23 kl. 14.39.55

Geranium hemp rug from Armadillo & Co. Photo copyright Armadillo & Co.

Eco aesthetics, Environmental friendly, In the Season 2015-02-28

The tiny carrots…

Soon we’ll be able to enjoy the first tiny vegetables of the season! For the chopping of vegs I like the combination of a basic look and very high quality. French Opinel recently launched a range of knives with handles in massive wood au naturel and blades in high quality stainless steel.

Parallele knives by Opinel. Photo copyright Opinel.

Eco aesthetics 2015-02-28

A sucker for…stripes!

Yes, I admit. I am a sucker for stripes. And I cherish my feelgood cushion designed by Anna Sörensson for Ljungbergs Factory. It is long out of production but an everyday reminder of a great designer and a fine person! Anna Sörensson (1952–2008) was a Swedish textile designer, admired for her graphic, hand drawned patterns.

See the cushion with stripes in lime? That’s the one. And isn’t the summerstudio lovely! Pics from a piece by Cia Wedin for ELLE Decoration. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

Pleated silk fabric, handprinted by Anna Sörensson. Photo copyright Anna Sörensson estate.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes, Stellan Herner 2015-02-24

Socks rolled down…

…when it gets warmer I’d like to roll down my socks and feel the sun on my skin. Meanwhile I enjoy Marimekko’s interpretation of the sensual feel!

Glass wear Socks rolled down by Anu Penttinen for Marimekko. Relaxed, distinctive, colourful! Photo copyright Marimekko.

Contemporary Scandi, Marimekko 2015-02-24

Team work

Stockholmbased Afteroom, Hung-Ming Cheng and Chen-Yen Wei, got a flying start during 2014 when their collection for Danish Menu was launched. Inspired by Bauhaus and functionalism Afteroom worked with deconstruction of form and reducing of material. The result: a contemporary minimalism with a conceptual twist.

Photo by Ida_Borg
Afteroom with their Chair 1, Bar Stool and Side Table, all for Menu 2014.
Photo copyright Ida Borg.

Q-Hook by Afteroom for NakNak 2015. Photo copyright NakNak.

Contemporary Scandi 2015-02-24

Let the light play

This year it is 100 years since Tapio Wirkkala was born and there’ll be a lot of celebrating during the anniversary. Iittala is launching a series of Tapio Wirkkala glass objects as an homage to the designer. I love the Bottles. And, as usual with Wirkkala, light is an ever present partner to colour and/or shape.

Bottles by Tapio Wirkkala for Iittala. Photo copyright Iittala.

Compassionates, Eco Aesthetics, Iittala, Tapio Wirkkala 2015-02-24

A week of Work and Art

Swedish sculptor Eva Lange has been awarded the Sergel award 2015 by The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. I recently met with the artist in her studio in Stockholm. It resulted in an editorial portrait where Eva Lange speak about her craft and life, and also let us get a glimpse of her beautiful studio. If you´ve got an Eva Lange sculpture nearby; go and spend some time with it!

RES1410 Eva Lange01
RES1410 Eva Lange02
”Mellan handen och ögat” (excerpt), by Cia Wedin for Residence Magazine SE. Photo copyright Patric Johansson. Layout copyright Residence Magazine.

I also enjoyed the exhibition I have been to hell and back, work by Louise Bourgeois, at Moderna Museet 14.2 – 17.5 2015. Ingeniously curated by Iris Müller-Westermann. I lingered by the textile sculptures, they´re strong and vulnerable at the same time. Like the pale blue Couple clinging to each other while hanging from a thin thread.

Louise Bourgeois: Couple, 2001. Photo copyright The Easton Foundation/BUS 2015. Photo by Christopher Burke. Collection The Easton Foundation.

And don’t miss out En Face by Denise Grünstein at Nationalmuseum c/o Konstakademin, 19.2–3.5 2015. The exhibition is based on an art project the photographer ran in the empty museum building during its renovation.
Denise Grünstein, 1866 no 2, from series 1866, 2014. Photo copyright Denise Grünstein.

Denise Grünstein
Denise Grünstein, In Transit, from series 1866, 2014. Photo copyright Denise Grünstein.

Compassionates, Eco Aesthetics, Patric Johansson 2015-02-21

The Fruit and the Bell

Le Klint 101A aka The Fruit Lantern was designed by Kaare Klint in 1944 and is one of the loveliest lamps you can imagine. The smallest model with a diameter of 27 cm /height 36 cm, is handmade in paper. Several larger models have been introduced over the years, all handmade in Denmark, from a single sheet of lampshade foil or plastic.
Le Klint 101A, also known as ”The Fruit Lantern”. Photo copyright Le Klint.

Pendel La Cloche Model  145
La Cloche pendant by Aurélien Barbry for Le Klint (2014) comes in 3 sizes, from diameter 25–70 cm. Photo copyright Le Klint.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Le Klint 2015-02-19

The day to day masterpiece

The first major exhibition of Scandinavian design opened in April 20, 1954 in New York’s Brooklyn Museum and showcased ceramics, furniture, glassware, metalwork and textiles from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Book cover Design in Scandinavia
Design in Scandinavia: an exhibition of objects for the home. Catalogue cover by Tapio Wirkkala (1954).

Wooden plate by Tapio Wirkkala
Among the featured work were plates in laminated birch by Tapio Wirkkala. At that time intended to be used daily in your home. Now considered masterpieces of great value.

Book Cradle, Eco Aesthetics, Tapio Wirkkala 2015-02-15

Vanilla hearts!

It’s a sunny winterday in Stockholm. And it’s Valentine’s Day! In the early morning I enjoyed myself baking Vanilla hearts, the traditional Swedish cake filled with vanilla creme which is so perfect for a fika, especially with someone you love.
I used a recipe from Roy Fares new book Delicious. It is not yet available in English, but look for his former book The United States of Cakes.

Vanilla hearts by Roy Fares
Vanilla hearts, styled by Elin Åström for book Delicious by Roy Fares (Bonnier Fakta). Photo copyright Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.

Roy Fares photo w Kleinschmidt
Roy Fares with friend. Photo copyright Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.

Delicous by Roy Fares
Book cover Delicious by Roy Fares for Bonnier Fakta. Photo copyright Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.
All pictures published by permission from Bonnier Fakta.

Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Fab Swedes 2015-02-14

Soft and gentle

Textile LED lamp Elements by Note Design Studio for Zero (2015) comes as floor, table, pendant and wall mounted. The shade is made of Time 300 fabric from Kvadrat, which is an exclusive Trevira CS quality with reduced environmental impact. Time was designed by Erik Ole Jörgensen in 1987 and it is nice to see it used for such a contemporary lamp.

f398c93e-f635-43a0-87c9-a63eab331eb7 Elements lamp by Note Design Studio for Zero. Photo copyright Zero.

g4P-iNs2M0Ilx8_ZxPImzXDB6c83h49wCH2shiAuw-g Elements lamp by Note Design Studio for Zero. Photo copyright Zero.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Kvadrat, Note Design Studio 2015-02-11

With Sanna at the Fair!

I went to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015 in the company of my dear assistant Sanna Mattsson. Here’s some of the things Sanna saw:

Dancing Pendant lamp by Iskos-Berlin for Menu gives a playful impression, designed as it is with overly dimensioned proportions. The huge white shade remainds me of my great grandmothers crocheted lampshades. And how the wind catches a thin summer skirt and make it dance. Dancing Pendant lamp is made from polyester (PET) felt and 100% recyclable.”/SM. Photo copyright Menu.

”The candle holder Grip by Jens Fager for Muuto proves that something simple can be interesting. It is small and humble and made of aluminium and steel. You want to touch it, and when you lift it you notice how heavy it is. There’s a tactile quality to this candle holder which cannot be seen, but comes forth when you handle it.”/SM. Photo copyright Muuto.

”My favourite chair from the Fair 2015 is Vagn by Andreas Engesvik for Tonning. Here the designer has worked with a classic Scandinavian form and altered it into contemporary by adding a few modern influences. Vagn is handmade in solid oak by use of traditional technique; joint fittings and glue. The Bunad blanket has a long history in Norway. This collection is by Andreas Engesvik for Mandal Veveri.”/SM. Photo copyright Mandal Veveri.

Andreas Engesvik, Contemporary Scandi, Muuto, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015 2015-02-11