The fine audience

We´re travelling Gotland, shooting beautiful houses & homes. Gotland is a Swedish island located in the Baltic Sea. The landscape is vast and lovely and you can admire ancient as well as contemporary architecture. We visit the very old… and the very new. We’re invited to experience amazingly beautiful houses built from stone, wood, glass, concrete…
And as it happens we´ve got an ever present, very kind and curious audience.

Neighbours at Martina’s place. For ELLE Decoration SE, to be published 2017. Photo copyright @fotografannakern

Neighbours at Karin’s place. For Lantliv SE, to be published 2017. Photo copyright @fotografannakern

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Traditional Swedish

Last summer we visited a magic summer dwelling located in the beautiful landscape of Sörmland, south of Stockholm. A traditional Swedish building from the mid 19th century often look just like this one: rather small, built of wood, painted red with Falu rödfärg, overlooking a small lake. And with lilacs nearby the entrance. Old grown trees protect this house on three sides. On the ground floor there´s a kitchen and a ”sal” (larger room, traditionally used for gatherings and daily life) and on the first floor you find a couple of bed chambers. Nowadays these buildings make cherished summer dwellings. You can see more pics in the current (print) issue of ELLE Decoration Sweden.

…after driving slowly for an hour along a tiny dirt road, windling its way through an old forest, the landscape open up to this view. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

In ”salen” there’s a simple wooden table by the window where you can sit and paint. Or read. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

The stairs to the first floor with its original paint and bare pine floorboards. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

Architectual moves, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Scandimood, Stellan Herner 2016-05-16

Spring Spa Day

The crispy nordic light is working its magic. At 7 in the morning we’re on todays mission: cleaning the windows. Work completed calls for a treat and now there’ll be coffee and cake. And sitting down, enjoying the scent of lilacs drifting in from the garden.
For an environmental friendly update of your home you do not need any chemicals. Water, linseed soap and a linen cloth will do the trick.

Dishcloth in linen from Växbo Lin. Photo copyright Växbo Lin.

Organic linseed soap can be used for all sorts of cleaning; floor, windows, dust cleaning, washing clothes, hands, in the bath…but make sure to chose mild natural linseed oil. This one from Allbäck Linoljeprodukter. Photo copyright Allbäck Linoljeprodukter.

Lilacs. Photo copyright Auntie Dogmas Gardenspot.

Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, In the Season, Scandimood 2016-05-15

First step into the season

The very first thing we do in early spring is to bring out the garden bench. Where two colleagues can sit, side by side, sipping a strong, hot coffee, chatting away… Having a traditional go-fika (coffee and cinnamon bum) in the sun is important. How would you otherwise know what to write, or design or both! Ideas comes easily when together on the bench.

Pallissade bench by Ronan & Erwan Bourullec for Hay (2016). Photo copyright Gulled.

Skärmavbild 2016-05-07 kl. 13.47.15
Pallissade bench, by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Hay. Electro-galvanized, powder coated steel, W120 x D42 x H45 cm. Photo copyright Hay.

Skärmavbild 2016-05-07 kl. 13.23.09
Pallissade comes in anthracite, light grey and olive.

Skärmavbild 2016-05-07 kl. 13.51.49
Luxembourg bench, by Frédéric Sofia for Fermob (2003). New colour ”Rosemary” (2016). Aluminium tubular frame and anti-UV powder coating, weight 8 kg. Photo copyright Fermob.

…add a Luxembourg chair and bring friends of colours to your gathering. The Luxembourg series comes in no less than 24 colours! Photo copyright Philippe Friseée.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, In the Season, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec 2016-05-07

Ply and Vivlio

Ply rug by textile designer Margrethe Odgaard for Muuto (2016) mix traditional weaving technique and contemporary colouring. The result lends style to the everyday! Margrethe Odgaard is also a furniture designer, in collaboration with Chris L Halstrom. Their Vivlio Shelving System for Skagerak (2016) recently won the Red Dot Design Award 2016. I especially like the idea of being able to turn the shelf round, and make it look (and function) more like a box than an open shelf.

web campain
Ply rug by Margrethe Odgaard for Muuto (2016). Wool. Photo copyright Muuto.

Ply rug by Margrethe Odgaard for Muuto (2016) comes in five colours: Black/White, Dark Grey, Off-White, Rose and Yellow. Photo copyright Muuto.

Vivlio Shelf by Halstrom Odgaard for Skagerak (2016), ash/steel. Photo copyright Skagerak.

Skärmavbild 2016-04-26 kl. 15.21.02
Vivlio Shelving system by Halstrom Odgaard for Skagerak (2016). Photo copyright @halstromodgaard

Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Muuto 2016-04-26

Slow down and notice…

If in Berlin this coming weekend, don´t miss out the opportunity to follow Michael Schmidt on a mediative walk through anonymous natural spaces. You’ll experience how the ordinary, the in-between zones, the forgettable and not so pretty slowly make an impact on you. Nature was the artists last book and it is impressive as a means of guiding and holding attention. Even the smallest detail comes forth as an important experience when you take your time to look closer. Interesting!

Photographs by Michael Schmidt
Curated by Thomas Weski
April 29 – May 1
Galerie Nordenhake Berlin

Michael Schmidt, Untitled from NATUR, 1987 / 2014. Gelatin silver bromide print, toned gold, 23.9 cm x 17.9 cm. Photocopyright Michael Schmidt/Galerie Nordenhake.

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Back to basic

The deep forests of Ångermanland in the north of Sweden inspired entrepreneur Niklas Gilmark to create Allvar. Gilmark teamed up with Stefan Söderberg, founder of fashion brand HOPE, and together they’ve now launched a series of men’s underwear made from wood cellulose. It has been a priority for Gilmark and Söderberg to have a sustainable value chain. Thus the trees comes from FSC certified forests, managed according to international sustainability standards. At the biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker the trees selected are those too weak to be used as construction timber. The wood is separated into ethanol, resin and lignin cellulose. From the cellulose the fabric is developed.*
Söderberg has deliberately kept the design very basic. Instead there’s a luxury which comes with the soft and sensual fabric and the carefully designed presentation. The Swedish word ”allvar” means seriousness. ”It captures the essence of what we want to communicate” says Niklas Gilmark. ”Our instincts and senses come alive, and our spirits soar”.

*From one full-grown tree you get enough viscose thread to make 200 pairs of trousers.


Trunk Fly Wood, dry white, by Stefan Söderberg for Allvar. Photo copyright Allvar.

Trunk Core Wood, almost black, by Stefan Söderberg for Allvar. Photo copyright Allvar.

Allvar packaging design, by Albin Holmqvist. Photo copyright Allvar.

Allvar packaging design, by Albin Holmqvist. Photo copyright Allvar.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes 2016-04-23

The London Influence

Influenced by the city of London Maja Johansson has created Core, Pearl and Pebble for Kasthall (2016). Maja Johansson challenges traditional weaving techniques by developing new structures and investigates the effect of mixing various materials and colours. In her work impressions of dramatic architecture, grand hotel lobbies and pavements shimmering from rain transform into three-dimensional textures and unexpected patterns.

Core peacock petrol, handtufted rug by Maja Johansson for Kasthall (2016). Worsted wool and linen. Photo copyright Kasthall.

Pearl icy grey, handtufted rug by Maja Johansson for Kasthall (2016). Worsted wool. Photo copyright Kasthall.

Pebble marble grey, handtufted rug by Maja Johansson for Kasthall (2016). Worsted wool and linen. Photo copyright Kasthall.

Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Kasthall 2016-04-19

Leather is not an option II

Speaking of accessories…Undercover footage by PETA shows the truth behind ostrich leather used for bags, boots, watch bands etc by luxury fashion brands. In the interior design world leather is mainly used for furniture. But now we see a trend where designers make interior ”accessories” in leather or with leather details, claiming leather to be a ”sustainable material”. Nothing could be more misleading. The leather industry is a ticking bomb of toxic pollution. And animals in the leather industry are not bred to become meat. Leather is big business where animals are exposed to massive abuse and suffering, workers at tanning plants risk their health and life, and the environment gets polluted. Thus, the current trend of designers, bloggers and journalists promoting leather as a ”sustainable material” is deeply worrying.

Ostriches killed for Hermés and Prada bags. Video copyright PETA.

The Toxic Price of Leather” from Sean Gallagher on Vimeo. Video copyright Sean Gallagher.

”What are your shoes stepping on?” Video copyright DanWatch.

Animal Rights, Compassionates, Scandimood, Videos 2016-04-13

Accessorize your home

Several furniture brands present their own accessories lines. Hay led the way some years ago with their successful range of everyday objects. What started as a production of contemporary, well designed furniture soon grew into a home concept. For 2016 Hay present a collaboration with Sebastian Wrong and his new brand ”Wrong London”, with lighting produced by Wrong London in partnership with Hay. I’m glad to see a favourite, paper lamp Pion, included in the collection.
Earlier this year Swedish brand Fogia presented their first accessory line. Fab designers like Carina Seth Andersson and Note design studio added vessels, blankets, carpets etc to Fogias furniture line. Launched in Milan this week is a small shelf/hanger in the Arch series by Note.
Most surprising (?) though is renewed brand Republic by Fritz Hansen and their new asseccories line ”Objects”. Objects they are…and due to the presentation these vases, tables, cushions, candlesticks etc is ”a statement that can add a touch of Nordic lifestyle and playfulness to your home”. Well, the collection is obviously of good quality and the designers well known but time will tell if the collection survives the ever changeing interior trends. Small everyday yet decorative objects need to have a very high level of visual sustainability if they shall survive.

Tray stack from the collection ”Objects” by Republic of Fritz Hansen is inspired by traditional Nordic bentwood boxes as well as shaker lifestyle. Photo copyright Republic of Fritz Hansen.

Pion, paper lamp by Bertjan Pot for Wrong London (2016). Photo copyright Wrong London.

Contemporary Scandi 2016-04-13

Dine in style!

Norway’s got a long tradition of making beautiful cutlery, especially Tias Eckhoff (1926–2016) has graced many a table with his design. Eckhoff’s Maya comes to my mind when I admire the new serving spoon and fork by Lars Beller Fjetland for Theodor Olsen. Monstrera is part of the exhibition Structure at Ventura Lambrate, Milan, 12–17 April. The exhibition presents 26 contemporary Norwegian designers, get a glimpse @norwegianstructure

12LBF_Monstera_SJur Pollen
Monstrera serving fork and spoon, by Lars Beller Fjetland for Theodor Olsen (2016). Photo copyright Theodor Olsen.

Maya, cutlery by Tias Eckhoff (1962) for Norsk Stålpress (Norstaal), stainless steel. In production by Stelton. Photo copyright SNL.


Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics 2016-04-12

Tailor made sound

Oslo is the fourth wireless loudspeaker launched by Danish manufacturer Vifa and part of their ”Nordic series”. Vifa knows how to visualize their story and the flirt with fashion and life-style lends a very contemporary feel to the product.

Oslo, portable, wireless loudspeaker by Vifa (2016). Diecast aluminum frame, polycarbonate enclosure, textile cover by Kvadrat, dimensions 268 mm x 181 mm x 990 mm, net weight 2,4 kg. Photo copyright Vifa.

Contemporary Scandi 2016-04-11