We Animals

A road to compassion. Stunning photography and well formulated texts. The aim of the project We Animals is to break down the barriers that humans have built which allow us to treat non-human animals as objects and not as beings with moral significance.

We Animals, book by author/photographer Jo-Anne McArthur (2013). Photo copyright Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals.

Animal Rights, Book Cradle, Scandimood 2015-07-31

Bench 63

Bench 63 by Niels Otto Möller is a fine example of sustainable seating. Its simplicity of form and construction, in combination with natural materials and good craftsmanship lends it a timeless quality. It’ll go from brand new to vintage without loosing its looks or functionality. Imagine if that was standard…

Bench 63 by N O Möller, oak/paper cord, in production by J L Möllers Möbelfabrik. Photo copyright J L Möllers.

Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly 2015-07-27


…never goes out of style! Timo Sarpaneva (1926–2006) designed many, now classic, Scandi items. One favourite of mine is the cast iron pot with its mix of traditional and contemporary. The version in cast iron with enameled inside and detachable wooden handle is in production by Iittala. But how I miss the fine enameled ones of the 1960s; the red, the black, the green!

Sarpaneva cast iron pot, by Timo Sarpaneva (1960), in production by Iittala. Cast iron, enamel, natural oak. Photo copyright Iittala.



Red, black, green…The enameled cast iron pot by Timo Sarpaneva (1960) for Rosenlew & Co is no longer in production. Photos from vintage/auction sites on the internet (items sold).

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Iittala 2015-07-22

Ikea veggie

From August 2015 you can eat vegetarian meals at Ikea. The coming dish ”grönsaksbullar” (by Ikea named ”veg meatballs”) seems to be a tasty experience.
The aim is to serve environmental friendly food. But as no one can be ignorant of the horrific conditions animals in factory farming suffers, during breeding, transport and slaughter…it is important when huge manufacturers/shops/restaurants take a step towards a veggie world.
The conventional meatball has been served at Ikea since 1959. Every year app. 1 billion (!) meatballs are served. When you choose the vegetarian version it’ll make a difference. For the environment, for your health and for animals trapped in the food industry.

Vegetable dish, available at Ikea world wide from August 2015. Photo copyright Ikea.

Animal Rights, Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes 2015-07-21

Scandi blue

The blue colour is a Scandi favourite! Perhaps because the Nordic nature holds so much blue: we’ve got the cold harsh Baltic Sea, the deep cool lakes of the north, the grim autumn sky…and the blueberries. Yes, it must be the blueberries!
The Scandi blue has a special cobalt blue quality and it is a classic on porcelain. It is not romantic or sweet. Just plain graphic and form.

Adam, by Swedish Stig Lindberg (1916–1982] was designed in 1959, which is evident when you think about the neat, straight form and pattern. Originally in production 1959–1974, relaunched in 2005 by Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik. Photo copyright Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik.

Travelling Finnair you’d be served in Marimekko branded cups.The pattern Koppelo by Maija Isola was applicated on new table ware designed by Sami Routsalainen (2014). Photo copyright Siskohouko.

Tuokio is a contemporary interpretation of the blue dot. Designed in 2011 by Finnish designer duo Helorinne & Kallio for Arabia. The porcelain form is designed by Heikki Orvala (1996). Photo copyright Hokuohkurashi.com

Eco Aesthetics, Marimekko, Scandimood 2015-07-17

Ahh! There you are!

Goodmorning Ussuriysk, Suwon-Si and Hangzhou. Auckland, Denpasar City and Bangaluru. And Pune, Cairo and Minsk! Kigali, Pretoria and Jeddah!
How are you in Bratislava, Namur and London? Akranes, Trondheim and Umeå – far north places… Having a nice summer?
And Rio de Janeiro, Neuquen, Santiago, Caracas and Jan José? Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, Cape Coral and New York!
You’re in. Taking a look at what might be up at Scandimood today? Not much I might say, because we’re on a holiday and the Slow Blog is slower than ever. But we meet in this strange but ever so magic way which is the blogosphere.
And you make me curious of your cities: What is it like to live in Hyacinthe? I wonder!

Who's in at Scandimood

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Dance the Orange

How come round ”balls” of colour became squares, and what about the poetic names? Don’t miss out:
Stanley Whitney
Dance the Orange
Studio Museum Harlem, New York
July 16 – October 25, 2015

Yellow, Noon, and Night, by Stanley Whitney (2012), oil on linen, 152 x 152 cm. Photo copyright Stanley Whitney/Galerie Nordenhake Berlin Stockholm.

Chasing the Bird, by Stanley Whitney (2014), oil on linen, 183 x 183 cm. Photo Copyright Stanley Whitney/Galerie Nordenhake Berlin Stockholm.

Handsomelake, by Stanley Whitney (2012), oil on linen, 183 x183 cm. Photo copyright Stanley Whitney/Galerie Nordenhake Berlin Stockholm.

Compassionates 2015-07-14


Small, practical shelving has a long tradition in the Scandi style. From the classics of the 40s and 50s to cute extra storage like Aitio by Cecilie Mantz for Iittala. There’s a lot to find, and a lot to enjoy!

String Pocket shelf was designed by Swedish architect Nils Strinning in 1949. This one in ash wood naturel and white steel is in production by String Furniture. Photo copyright String Furniture.

Iittala 2014
Aitio wall storage by Cecilie Manz for Iittala. Powder coated steel, birch wood and plastic hooks. Avilable in a variety of colours and possible to combine into a larger system. Photo copyright Iittala.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco aesthetics 2015-07-14

No Plastic VII: Kitty Birthday

Cats, or namely catpeople, seems in need of an indefinite amount of pretty toys, collars, beds, blankets and feeding bowls. But there’s lot of bad plastic around in the pet-business. I go for sustainable no plastic alternatives: A willow basket, a blanket in wool, ordinary porcelain and glassware. When it comes to toys a piece of string in natural fibre and some crispy paper will do the trick!
If you’d like something more stylish, try Mungo & Maud for handknitted, organic toys and collars to die for!

Lucky Charm cat collar camomile by Mungo & Maude. Fitted with elasticated section, for cats safety. Photo copyright Mungo & Maude.

Cotton stripe crochet ping pong ball with little bell inside. Photo copyright Mungo & Maude.


Sweet and stylish toys from Mungo & Maude. Photo copyright Mungo & Maude.

And now to the kitty birthday!
Six years ago a small fat koala-look-alike was born in the provincial town of Örebro. Twelve weeks later she moved to Old Town Stockholm, where she quickly became a chic urbanista. Happy birthday Baby!

Baby  the Russian Blue Kitty
Baby the Russian Blue kitty. Photo copyright Yvonne Torstensson.

Baby the Russian  Bleu cat
Baby the Russian Blue cat. Photo copyright Cia Wedin.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco aesthetics, Environmental friendly, No Plastic 2015-07-12

Miniflag summer collection

Asplund has launched a summer collection featuring their contemporary kelim Miniflag by Thomas Sandell in four new fresh colours. All carpets are handwoven in 100% wool.

Miniflag summer collection 2015 by Thomas Sandell for Asplund Collection. Handwoven kelim in 100 % wool. Limited edition. Photo copyright Asplund.

110907 Asplund
The Miniflag kelim blends perfectly into contemporary, classic or country Scandi style. Here a chocolate/blue beauty in a living room, on wooden floor…Photo copyright Asplund.

100826 Asplund Vindö
..and here Miniflag Nordic Anthracite in a bedroom, on concrete floor…Photo copyright Asplund.

Miniflag Nordic by Thomas Sandell for Asplund Collection. Photo copyright Asplund.

Asplund, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Friends 2015-07-10

Falcon update

Short update on the Peregrine Falcon project (see below, post ”Three makes a difference”/ 27th of June).
The three youngsters were released and started to learn how to fly. Unfortunately the female was attacked by seagulls and forced down to the ground. When she tried to escape the aggressive seabirds she crashed into a window and died. One of the male falcons also got attacked and flew into a wall, but he survived, flew away and has not been spotted since. The third one is patrolling the area, eating in the cage and seems to be strong and able so survive.

Christer Larsson with one of the three peregrine falcons released at Folksamskrapan (Folksam building) in Stockholm by Nordens Ark, Folksam, Stockholms Ornitologiska Förening and Naturskyddsföreningen. Photo copyright Elin Rantakokko/Nordens Ark.

Compassionates, Fab Swedes, In the Season 2015-07-09

Clip candle holder by Nendo

During late summer nights you do not need lamps if in Sweden. The natural light is enough. But a candle holder is good to have at hand. Clip by Oki Sato/Nendo for Dicipline, now part of HEM, works for candles of different sizes, up to 20 mm in diameter. Minimalistic as we know it when Nendo is delivering, Clip comes in the shape of ”Pomegranate”, ”Pear”, ”Fig”and ”Apple”.

Clip by Nendo for HEM.png
Clip candle holder by Nendo. Powdercoated steel. Photo copyright HEM.

Clip by Nendo for HEM
Clip candle holder ”Pomegranate” by Nendo. Photo copyright HEM.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Nendo 2015-07-07