When Man meet Dog

Robert Bahou has experienced what it’s like to really connect with an animal. Through his portraits of dogs and cats you get a glimpse of that amazing moment when contact is established. Robert has posted his new project, Animal Soul – book at Kickstarter, and it is available until February 24th.


Animal Soul, book by Robert Bahou, founding video at Kickstarter. Video copyright Robert Bahou.

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In 1993 designer Börge Lindau (1932–1999) needed a multifunctional table for his small summerhouse in Åhus and come up with the Simsalabim table. When folded the table measures 205 cm x 37,5 cm. Two folded tables standing side by side look and function as one. When needed, you can unfold Simsalabim into a huge family & friends dinner table. Simsalabim also make a great desk. Now available for private customers as well as contract at Blå Station special collection.
During 2016 Blå Station celebrates 30 years as a family business. And 30 years of making environmental friendly furniture!


snaps 061
Simsalabim table by Börge Lindau (1993) for Blå Station. Handmade in Sweden, in massive ash wood or oak. Sizes 150 x 75 cm or 250 x 75 cm. Both sizes folds into 37,5 cm. Photo copyright Blå Station.

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The useful food

In France the MEPs has adopted a resolution on ”circular economy”, including a food waste amendment! From now French supermarkets (with a floor space of more than 400 sq m) must, by law, donate products approaching their sell-by date to charities instead of throwing the food away. It is estimated more than 1.3bn tonnes of food are wasted world wide annually. In the EU the food waste is estimated to 89m tonnes a year. Ask the EU parliament to implement a law on the matter for all members, following the example of France. To the petition.
Skärmavbild 2016-02-06 kl. 11.34.18

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Great Expectations

With less than a week to go before Stockholm Design Week kicks off, interesting previews of news are piling high. During the 2016 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair I’ll be especially curious of what the Scandi brands are up to!

Iittala x Issey Miyake
The most hyped launch must be Pause for Harmony by Issey Miyake for Iittala. The master of pleating and plissé goes Finnish!

Ingegerd Råman for Ikea
Another top notch collaboration is fab Ingegerd Råman for Ikea. Viktigt collection will be presented on February 11th. Same date as the release of ”It’s nothing but it’s still something”, a book about the designer and her work.

I’ll definitely keep an eye or two on:
Matthew Williamson for Asplund. The handtufted wool carpet Gems, with its adorable colouring is a treasure!

Monica Förster for Danish Erik Jörgensen.

Swedese with news by Claesson, Koivisto, Rune, Broberg & Ridderstråle, Roger Persson and…Barber & Osgerby, the brilliant Brittish design duo who’re ”2016 Guests of Honour” at the Fair.

Claesson, Koivisto, Rune/ Smaller Objects and their everyday objects designed by a range of well known international designers.

Gärsnäs with news by David Ericsson (I’m still stunned by the beautiful Madonna Chair he created for Gärsnäs last year), and Färg & Blanche, to name a few.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-31 kl. 15.15.49
Norrgavel, the classic eco-brand, and the Easy Chair by Nirvan Richter. Preview looks very contemporary!

Form Us With Love designstudio 2016
Form Us With Us celebrates 10 years as a design studio with an exhibition at Konstakademien.

Fogia goes Seth Andersson; Carina Seth Andersson is a strong addition to the Fogia team, where we also find gifted designers like Andreas Engesvik (Tiki sofa, 2015). Furthermore, Fogia is launching a life style concept under the creative direction of Note Design Studio.

And Note Design Studio themselves exhibit at ArkDes, the Architechture and Design center at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.

There’ll be no lack of good, environmental friendly and visually sustainable design. As usual, Sanna and I will attend the Fair as well as events in town. We’ll walk and talk and mingle…and report back to you!

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Remember how the palm oil industry are destroying the natural habitat of orangutans, causing devastating suffering for apes as well as humans in Indonesia and nearby countries? See post at 2015-11-24 below.
This young female orangutan is one victim. She was found sitting on a small wooden platform that consisted of two angled planks with a hole in the middle. Rocking from side to side, she was trying to ease the pain in her limbs, and keep her balance. The short chain that linked her neck to the tree barely allowed her to move. The ground around her was buried in trash. ”After two years on the end of that short chain it’s a miracle she could move at all,” IAR – International Animal Rescue in Borneo wrote in a press release after her rescue.
Palm oil is a very common ingredient in beauty and cleaning products. Among these, you’ll find products you use to maintain your design products!!! In cosmetics, palm oil is labelled Elaeis guineensis but with the food industry, its presence is often less obvious. Any ingredient which includes the word “palm” (palmitate, palmitoyl or simply palm) will include palm oil. Other ingredients which commonly but not always use palm oil include cetyl alcohol, isopropyl, sodium lauryl sulphate, steareths, fatty alcohol sulphates, glycerine, cocoa butter equivalent and cocoa butter substitute. Palm oil is also used in biodiesel. Let’s go palm oil free, or use only certified sustainable palm oil.

A victim of deforestation due to palm oil production. Video copyright: IAR – International Animal Rescue.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-30 kl. 19.29.45
Photo copyright by IAR – International Animal Rescue.

Animal Rights, Compassionates 2016-01-30

Bold Swedish silks!

Edna Martin (1908–2003) was an important textile artist and longtime creative director for Handarbetets Vänner (Friends Of Handicraft), one of the oldest and most distinguished handicraft and textile institutions in Sweden. Three of her bold silk scarves are now available from HV – Handarbetets Vänner.

Granatäpple, hand printed silk scarf by Edna Martin (1965) in reproduction 2016 by HV – Handarbetets Vänner. Photo copyright HV – Handarbetets Vänner.

Ädelstenar, hand printed silk scarf by Edna Martin (1962), in reproduction 2016 by HV – Handarbetets Vänner. Photo copyright HV – Handarbetets Vänner.

Print designer and illustrator Emma Fällman graduated from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm in 2013 with a diploma in graphic design. Her hand drawn patterns are applied on fabrics, wallpaper and luxury scarves. Last week she was awarded the ”Formex Formidable Design Award 2015″.

Totem Tiger, silk scarf by Emma Fällman for Emma Fällman Studio, detail. Photo copyright Emma Fällman Studio.

Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes 2016-01-24

Why Scandi? Well, why not!

There’re certain values underpinning the Scandinavian style. One is environmental friendly production which has a long tradition in the Nordic countries. But in 2016 environmental friendly is not enough. Now we are in for the whole story; we want to know how, from where, by whom and of what the product is made.

Transparency is another Scandi style quality. In the iconic design from the Modernism until now there’s no hiding of materials used. On the contrary, you can easily detect that a Wegner ”Y-chair” is made of solid wood and paper cord. You’ll also know from where the wood is taken and how the paper cord is produced.

Making of the Wishbone Chair aka ”Y-chair” by Hans J Wegner, designed in 1949 and in production by Carl Hansen & Son since 1950. Solid hard wood and paper cord. Video copyright Carl Hansen & Son.

The lack of ornament of the classics has blended with new colour schemes and materials and transformed into contemporary. It might be minimalistic, but it is a ”friendly minimalism” where the reduced form comes forth as visual sustainability.
Marfa light, garden torch by Claesson, Koivisto, Rune for Smaller Objects (2015). Galvanized and powder coated steel. The dark anthracite grey colour also has a practical function – it is forgiving to the soot formed by burning. Photo copyright Smaller Objects.

Natural materials. In 2015 we learned that one of the most common materials of the Scandinavian and Nordic design, namely leather, is not as good as we thought. Instead the production of leather has proved multi toxic and carries a disturbing amount of abuse to and suffering by animals, humans and environment. We also learned that big scale production of wool is at risk becoming the next full scale disaster. Not long ago we also realized that production of cotton is a huge evironmental problem. Flax is popping up as a possibility for the future. But the Scandi designer of today also do hi-tech, perhaps most obvious with the lighting brands where the heritage of the Scandinavian traditions is used to create world leading design.

From growing flax to harvesting, preparing and spinning it into linen. Manhattan kitchen towel by Peter Condu for Klässbols (1981). Photo copyright Klässbols.

Busby light by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin/Industrial Facility for Wästberg (2015). The contemporary Scandi lamp is no longer a subject of electricity but of electronics. Printed circuit boards, micro-chips, diodes and interfaces are now the staple ingredients, giving us greater control, conserving energy and providing longer lifespans. Photo copyright Jara Varela/Wästberg.

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Snow is in the air!

It’s winter in Sweden, and Old Town is no exception. Every roof top is white, the streets are white, the air is filled with a fluffy mesmerizing white. And as it is not very cold, just around minus 10 Celsius, it is perfect weather to bring out your kickslade (sv: spark) and have fun. This amusing vehicle (yes, it is classified as a vehicle) is cherished in Sweden since 150 years.

The Vansbro Kickslade is in production by Vansbro Kickslade Factory in Äppelbo/Dalarna County. It is made from Swedish birch wood with steel runners from Boxholm steel mill (part of the steel is recycled from scrapped cars). The wooden parts are treated with water based lacquer. Photo copyright Vansbro Sparkfabrik.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-09 kl. 13.00.32
After app. 150 years of the same design there’s recently been an adjustment to modern lifestyle and needs. Now you can fold your kickslade and bring it with your in your car etc.

With the kickslade you go for fun with your kids…

…your dog…

…or perhaps your PONY! All photos from the internet. Photo copyright unknown.

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The Contemporary Scandi palette

The Contemporary Scandi style is colourful in a cool, elegant way. This pic by talented Norwegian photographer Pernille Nygård gives us a clue to what’s so marvellous with the Scandi style: Nature is at its core. We’ve got the shimmering blues of cold waters and the crispy Nordic light. There’s also the solidness of stone, here man made, where the mallards flashes a perfect palette for 2016! Who can resist such a sweet chocolate brown and those shades of forest green, grayish blue and creamy white! And the sophisticated splash of handsome orange and the hint of fresh yellow! And the rich amethyst and the pale pink…both with an intriguing metallic shine. And…ever present white, black and grey.

Perfect palette
Mallards sunbathing in Norway. Photo copyright Pernille Nygård. Follow Pernille Nygård at Instagram @pernille_nyg

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I am You are

He, she, it is. We are, you are, they are. Remember your grammar? WE ARE. For 2016 I like to wish the readers of Scandimood a year of inclusiveness. 2015 was a progressive year in Sweden: The gender-neutral personal pronoun hen got included in the official glossary of the Swedish Academy. Hen is an alternative to the gender specific hon (”she”) and han (”he”). There’s also been an increasing public interest and growing opinion to consider animals as individuals, as persons. And to state stronger legal rights for wildlife and environment. You readers of Scandimood are not only interested in the Contemporary Scandi design and life-style. You have proved you’re not afraid to face gruesome pics and disturbing facts considering animal abuse, environmental issues and so on. For 2016: Stay put! Let’s chase the good ideas, the best design and a cruelty free approach. Thank you!

Scandimood readers january 2016
Scandimood readers are located in 138 countries world wide.

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Anderssen & Voll

Punkt plaid by Anderssen & Voll for Röros Tweed (2015) is thinner and lighter than the regular Röros tweed blanket which make it useful not only as a plaid but also as a throw. Since their establishment in 2009 Anderssen & Voll has presented a wide range of fine contemporary design, often innovative and with a slightly trendy twist.

Skärmavbild 2015-12-26 kl. 14.51.09
Punkt plaid by Anderssen & Voll for Röros (2015). Photo copyright Röros.

Earlier this year Anderssen & Voll exhibited at Mjölk shop and gallery in Toronto. Rest sofa and ottoman by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto (2011), Soft grid cushions for Muuto (2012) and Lynild plaids for Röros (2012). The small tables are Elephant table by Wrong for Hay. Photo copyright Mjölk.

Skärmavbild 2015-12-26 kl. 15.00.32
Chef containers by Anderssen & Voll for Food Work exhibition (2012). Pine wood.

Skärmavbild 2015-12-26 kl. 15.01.44
Same same glasses by Torbjörn Anderssen and Espen Voll for Norway Says (2006). Later as ”Same same but different” by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto. Photo copyright Anderssen & Voll.

Skärmavbild 2015-12-26 kl. 15.03.00
Good Morning moka pot by Anderssen & Voll for Food Work exhibition (2012).

Herb pot by Anderssen & Voll for Mjölk. Hand thrown in terracotta. Photo copyright Mjölk.

Min Watering Can by Anderssen & Voll for Mjölk, brass, oak. Photo copyright Mjölk.

Eco Aesthetics 2015-12-26