The Japanese Scandi

Japan has a long tradition of turning simplicity of form and material into something absolutely stunning. In every scandi interior I like the input of a few selected things made in Japan. There´s a closeness between the japanese style and the scandinavian. Here´s some nice contemporary things from Analogue Life, the fab supplier.
Years ago when I received my first wooden Kashiwan bowl I was delighted by its high quality and the personal contact with owners Ian Orgias & Mitsue Iwakoshi. Since then many an Analogue Life product has travelled all the way from Nagoya to Stockholm.

Kashiwan Bowl in natural oak, by Kihachi studio in the Yamanaka region of Japan. Diameter 11 cm/hight 7 cm. Photo copyright Analogue Life.

M A Stool no 4 by Analogue Life/Maruyama Wood Works. Handmade in Nara wood with a soap finish and paper cord seating. Size 46.5×35.0×34.0 cm. Photo copyright Analogue Life.

Straw Trivet, artisan handmade on the Sado Island in Nigata Prefecture. Photo copyright Analogue Life.

Enamel Kettle by Noda Horo, volyme 2 l. Works with induction, gas or electric stoves. Photo copyright Analogue Life.

Oval Casserole by 4th-market, made of heath resistant earthenware, for oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Dimensions 26x17x10 cm. Photo copyright Analogue Life.

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Here we go again!

The peonies are blooming, all over the garden. Catching your eye, whether you want it or not. And how sweet a scent they’ve got! Alongside the peony stands one of my favourites, the small but ever so beautiful Astrantia Major, ”Stjärnflocka” in Swedish. This flower goes very well with peonies and is a reminder of how a small gesture might help to highlight the grande. And vice versa.

The lovely Sarah Bernhardt…Photo copyright Greenspire.

…highlighted by the sweet Astrantia Major.

… This peony grew in the most beautiful garden you can imagine. The handsome vase is by Carina Seth-Andersson. From a coming piece by Cia Wedin for Lantliv SE. Photo copyright Anna Kern.

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Three makes a difference

The peregrine falcon disappeared from Stockholm more than 50 years ago. Now there’s hope of its return. In 2014 a group of young falcons were released at the high building Folksam House in Södermalm area in Stockholm. They had a hard time because a large band of seagulls attacked. Eventually the young ones were moved to a more secure area. One brave falcon stayed on to fight his right to rule. The seagulls gave up! In late fall he travelled south, and if he survives he’ll be back in a year or two.
Last week three new youngsters were released at the same spot. This time the breeders made precautions and removed a lot of seagull nests from the area.
The project is a collaboration between Nordens Ark (a private non-profit organization working to ensure a future for endangered animals), Folksam, Stockholms Ornitologiska förening and Naturskyddsföreningen.
In about 14 days from now the cage will be opened and the birds will face freedom.

Young falcon from Nordens Ark to be released in Stockholm city. Photo, photo copyright Johan Lind.

A simple wooden construction is placed nearby the falcons nest to make it possible for them to hide…in case they get attacked by seagulls. Photo, photo copyright Johan Lind.

You can follow the falcons live by webcam:

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Blad by Anna Larsson

Graphic designer Anna Larsson has a new collection coming up this fall. Among the many strict and handsome patterns (Anna’s signum) is the charming Blad (”Leaves”). Blad comes as a round tray in diameter 38 cm, and as a tea towel size 50×70 cm. Both products are made in Sweden, in FSC certified birch veneer or 100 % linen.

Design Anna Larsson
Blad tray by Anna Larsson (2015). Photo copyright Bert Leandersson.

Design Anna Larsson
Blad tea towel by Anna Larsson (2015). Photo copyright Bert Leandersson.

Sweet Lara is a former homeless street dog, adopted from Spain. Since 12 years she’s a co-worker at Anna Larsson design studio in Gothenburg. Follow Lara and Anna at insta @annalarssondesign

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Scandi bedlinen

Small scandinavian producers do know how to create bedlinen with an ultimate summer feel: it’s crispy, smooth and beautiful! Right now we see a lot of flowery patterns alongside plain white. And cool cotton is back in business!

Skärmavbild 2015-06-20 kl. 17.40.17
Botancia by Maria Åström for Ljungbergs Factory. Bedset in eco cotton satin made in Sweden. Photo copyright Ljungbergs Facotry.

Skärmavbild 2015-06-20 kl. 18.12.04
Bedset in cotton percale by Marianne Eriksson for Harry’s Hardware. Photo copyright Harry’s Hardware.

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Summer in the city

The city of Stockholm is built on 14 islands right where the Lake Mälaren meet and mingle with the Baltic Sea. The water is so clean you can actually take a swim!

Chairs by Patricia Urquiola. From a piece for Residence SE by Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Johanna Ekmark.

Contemporary Scandi 2015-06-20

No Plastic VI: The summer(house) gift

During my efforts to reduce the use of plastics at home and at work, I’v become increasingly aware of what a huge problem plastic products are to our environment and ultimately to all life on earth (read former posts on the subject under ”No Plastic”, you’ll find the links to the right on this page). Plastic mania is all around!

When visiting friends and relatives in the countryside I like to bring small, environmental friendly yet stylish products as a gift to my host. Something simple but useful. Something which can replace a similar plastic product.

Skärmavbild 2015-06-20 kl. 15.03.04
…like a dishbrush in birch wood and natural fibre, handmade in Stockholm by Iris Hantverk.

…or a clothesline in sisal from Byggfabriken.

klädnypor-650x650 ..with wooden clothes pegs by Grunne.

…perhaps a dishcloth in 100% linen by Växbo Lin? Woven and sewn in Hälsingland in the north part of Sweden.

…and a short handle cotton string turtle bag; the perfect storage solution, when not used for shopping. This one in certified organic cotton, from Turtle Bags.

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Midsummer’s Eve

It is Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden and Stockholm is experiencing the coldest midsummer since 1978 (according to several media). The unpredictable weather is the main topic of the day. Why? Because today is THE DAY when Swede’s are out and about to pick flowers in the fields, dress a maypole with flowery garlands and wreaths, dance funny dances (”jumping frogs around the pole” is a classic), eat lots of good food and drink snaps. And if single you’ll pick 7 flowers to be kept under your pillow this coming night (that’s when you dream about that special person who’ll become your partner in life). And we make babies. Yes, 22nd of March is the most common birthday in Sweden. Count backwards nine months and…
Let’s get prepared in Scandi style: bring out your best rain gear and enjoy the longest day of the year!

PS When you need a brake from the wet and chilly, take a look at Smiles of a Summer Night (1955) – a great comedy about passion, jealousy and pride. It was the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman’s international breakthrough. It’s witty, it’s amusing, it’s absolutely charming.

Smiles of a Summer Night by Ingmar Bergman 1955
Photo by Louis Huch/ AB Svensk Filmindustri.

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House stories

Summer has arrived, and so has the production of editorial House Stories. We travel Sweden, visiting the serene landscapes of the north, and the sweet flowery south… In between I enjoy a day or two in Stockholm where a small garden is waiting for me.
What’s a House Story? Well, we make a portrait of people and their homes, houses, studios and gardens. I do the writing, and coordinates the styling. The gifted photographers Stellan Herner and Anna Kern do the magic!
To be published in ELLE Decoration and Lantliv.

4-1 äng Sellén
Stockholm summer life. Pastilli Chair by Eero Aarnio (1967). Screen 100 by Alvar Aalto (1936). From a piece by Cia Wedin for ELLE Decoration. Photo copyright Johan Sellén.

Summerhouse in the south of Sweden. From a piece by Cia Wedin for Marie-Claire Maison Italy. Photo copyright Anna Kern.

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The world according to Frank

Josef Frank created more than 200 patterns for Svenskt Tenn, 17 of them are in production. When in need of a colour boost, I indulge in his magical textiles.

Teheran White, textile pattern by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn (beginning of 1940s) is a paraphrase of the traditional persian carpet. Photo copyright Svenskt Tenn.

La Plata, textile pattern by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn (1943-45) got its name from the great river near Buenos Aires. Photo copyright Svenskt Tenn.

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